Nearshoring Manufacturing Services

Are you looking for your products to be assembled in America and expand your competitiveness in multiple markets? We offer an end-to-end solution.


Strategic Location

Our location in Mexico offers multiple competitive advantages, such as lower operating and logistical costs as well as close access to key markets. Additionally, we can guarantee fast and reliable lead times.

Strategic Tariffs

Tailored strategies for each product, for an ideal mix of local and foreign components that meet the needs and requirements in order to be competitive.

Facilities & Labor

We have versatile and scalable facilities with SMT line allowing us to make thousands of products per day. Additionally we have a highly trained workforce that can assemble all types of different products.

Got a project
in mind?


We have worked on diverse projects and have demonstrated our experience in assembly and manufacturing of components for over 10 years.


We follow rigorous quality standards to ensure that the products we assemble and manufacture meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

Full Door-to-Door Service

Our team takes care of all the logistical, customs, legal, certification, and technical requirements. This provides a worry free service with zero capital investment.


Flexibility and Customization

We offer personalized solutions and bespoke services to ensure your products are exactly as you need them to be.

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